Summer Mission to Logan County WV Update

2017 Mission Team:   Will and Donna Roth, Mason Stanford, Elise DeArment, Miranda Sweger, Hannah Haverstock, Isaac and Sheryl Behr.

Thank you for your prayers!

We served two homeowners, heard their stories, prayed together and were encouraged by their faith and welcoming spirits.

At the first home we were greeted by Judy. She opened her home to us without concern for our muddy shoes. Here we dug a drainage ditch, repaired a roof and removed a gutter. She expressed her gratitude at every turn, even when things looked much worse before they got better! We also appreciated her competitive spirit and encouragement/advice to win various ASP prizes.

At the second home we met a lovely little lady named Janice. Janice's life is an amazing testimony of God's grace, provision and miracles. It was a pleasure to get to know and serve her. We sealed siding that had been hung, sprayed her kitchen for roaches, and did flooring in her bathroom. She was brought to tears when she saw the bathroom floor we laid.

I encourage you to ask any of the mission team members about their experience!